The state of the Solver, i.e. the set of formulas, comments and plots that are opened in it, along with any variable values, is known as a worksheet.

Saving worksheets

If you are a registered, logged-in user, your worksheets are automatically saved, all the time. You can view your worksheets and switch between them using the home page.

If you are not logged in, you are limited to a single active worksheet. Once you leave our site with your web browser, the worksheet will be deleted.

Opening worksheets

You can find worksheets via either the Find formulas link at the top of every page, or, if you’re logged in, via the home page.

You’ll have the option to either append (or insert) the new worksheet into the current one, or to open the worksheet, causing any current worksheet to be saved and closed.

Deleting worksheets

You can delete an unneeded worksheet by clicking on its button on the home page.

Public vs. private worksheets

Your own worksheets are only visible to you - they are private.

Certain public worksheets are visible to everyone, via the Find formulas link at the top of every page.

Currently, only the fxSolver team can create public worksheets. Feel free to contact us if you have a worksheet to share with other users.