Organizing the Solver

Arranging objects

You can re-arrange and group objects in the Solver by dragging them.

Re-ordering objects

Click down on the header bar of any Solver object. Then, without releasing the mouse button, drag it above or below its neighboring objects to the desired position.

When you’re done, release the mouse button (or your finger if you’re using a touchscreen).

dragging a Solver object
Dragging an item by its header bar

Grouping objects

Creating a new group

  1. Drag an item by its header bar onto another them
  2. The items will be highlighted orange to indicate they can be grouped
  3. Release the mouse

Note that only one layer of grouping is supported - you cannot create a group within another group.

dragging items over each other
Items highlighted orange when dragged onto each other to indicate they can be grouped
group has been formed
Successfully grouped items
This assumes neither item is yet in a group. If either of them is, see below.

Moving an object into an existing group

Just click on the item’s header bar and drag it to the desired position within the target group. You can also drag items between groups using this method.

Moving an object into an existing group
Drag the item to the desired position in the group

Merging two groups

Drag one group by its header onto the other group as in Creating a new group above.

Ungrouping items

To remove an item from a group, just drag it out of the group. Note that if the group has no other items remaining, it will be deleted.

Click on the button in a group’s header bar to ungroup all of its items. The contained items will be not be deleted.

Deleting groups

Clicking the button in the group’s header bar will delete the group and all its members.

Renaming groups

  1. Use a slow double click on the group’s name in its header bar to rename it.
    • Note: click twice in a row, but not quite as fast as you would for a double-click. You may be familiar with this sort of “rename clicking” from your desktop operating system.
  2. Type the new name

  3. Press return/enter when you’re done, or press escape to cancel.

Click twice slowly on the group's name
Click twice slowly on the group's name
Type the group's name
Type the new name and press the return key when done.

Tagging variable names

If the Solver has several formulas with similarly-named variables, or even has the same formula multiple times, it can be helpful to tag the variable names with a suffix to better tell them apart.

To do this, use a slow double click on the variable’s name: click once, then wait a second, then click again. Type the desired tag into the text box that appears.

Formula with tagged variable name
Variable T has been given the tag avg