Constant values and data tables

fxSolver contains a library of constants like G and π, as well as entire tables of constant data, for example densities and conductivities of various materials.

Browsing and searching for constants

  1. At the bottom of the Solver, click on this tab to open the corresponding panel:

  2. The panel that appears is structured similar to the Formula search module:

    • Clicking on a category on the left-hand side of the panel limits the currently displayed list of constants and tables to those that are in that category.
    • Enter a search term and press return to show only those constants or tables whose name or text content matches the search term.
  3. Note you’ll see only 16 results on a page at a time - use the page controls to navigate between pages

  4. If you don’t end up finding what you want, you can use the backwards/forwards buttons to navigate to searches you made earlier

  5. Click on one of the data tables or constants to view its value(s) and background information

click here
Constants & data tables panel
click here
Clicking on a data table opens it

Assigning values to a variable

Once you’ve opened a data table or constant by clicking on it, you can transfer its value(s) to a variable in the Solver:

  1. Select a variable in the Solver by clicking on it.

  2. Select the value to be copied to the variable. This depends on whether you’re viewing a constant or a data table:

    • For a data table, select which cells you want to assign to the variable by clicking on them. You can click on column headers to select an entire column of values, or drag across multiple cells, forming a rectangle.
    • For a constant, there is nothing further to be done since there is only a single numeric value.
  3. Press the button

click here
Variable T has been selected in the Solver. The three selected cells in the Temp column (10, 4, and 0) will be assigned to it.


Normally the entire value of a variable will be replaced by this operation.

If you only want a subset of a variable’s array value to be replaced, switch the formula to spreadsheet mode, and after making sure the variable is selected (step 1 above), select the subset of array to be replaced before clicking on the ‘Copy’ button in step 3.