Creating new formulas

If you can’t find the formula you need, you can create a new one.


You can only create one completely new formula at a time. Save any new formulas before creating more. If you don’t, the behavior is undefined.

Formula math editor

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Formula terms: variables and constants

The terms in a formula may be either physical or mathematical constants such as g (standard gravity) or variables, whose value is supplied when using the formula in the Solver.

You supply information about the terms - whether it’s a variable or constant, or the term’s units - in the terms table, found just below the formula math editor.


Alternate/enhanced variable names

When entering variable names in the formula math editor, you’ll run into several limitations. For example, a variable name such as t1/2 (half-life) can not be entered directly into the formula editor: 1/2 would actually end up getting calculated, i.e. you’d end up with either an unexpected division by two or just a garbled formula.

In situations like these, you can “override” the name provided in the math editor. In the example just mentioned, just provide t in the math editor, and enter t 1/2 into t‘s alt name field in the terms table.