Adding comments (notes)

You can attach a comment to a formula in the Solver by pressing the button in a formula’s header bar.

add comment
Formula header bar with add-comment button at upper right

After the comment appears, enter the desired text and press the button.

comment text
Entering text into newly-inserted comment object

Editing comments

At any time, you can edit a comment’s text by pressing the button in the comment object’s header bar.

Alternatively, you can slow double-click (two clicks with a 1-second pause in between) on the comment text to enter edit mode.


You can use common wiki formatting when writing your comments.


All of the formatting symbols below must be surrounded either by whitespace or brackets. For example, “Text_italics_” won’t work, but “Text _italics_” or “Text[_italics_]” will.

Wiki markupResult
super ^script^superscript
sub ~script~subscript
Math symbols (sub+superscript combinations):
@fixed-width font@fixed-width font
"fxSolver link(tooltip)":http://www.fxsolver.com
fxSolver link
Numbered lists:
# Item A
## Item A1
# Item B
  1. Item A
    1. Item A1
  2. Item B
Bullet lists:
* Item A
** Item A1
* Item B
  • Item A
    • Item A1
  • Item B
|heading a|b|c|
|cell 1|2|3|
heading abc
cell 123
Discussed in recent NIST studies[1].
fn1. See list at "fundamental physical constants":http://physics.nist.gov/cuu/Constants/
Discussed in recent NIST studies1.
1See list at fundamental physical constants