Intro to the Solver

The Solver is where you assemble the formulas you want to solve.

Once a formula has been added to the Solver, you can...

An example

In this example, these two formulas were added to the Solver:

  1. Volume of a cylinder
  2. Volume of a sphere

There are several things of note:

  • The formulas have been re-arranged so that the formula 2 is on top
  • The formulas are grouped together
  • In formula 2 (Volume of a sphere), the variable r (radius) is the output variable, i.e. the variable that is solved for
  • r in formula 2 is linked to r in formula 1
  • Several variables’ units have been switched from meters to centimeters
  • The variable V in formula 2 (Volume of a sphere) has been tagged with the suffix lower
2 formulas
Example of formulas in the Solver