Young - Laplace equation


In physics, the Young – Laplace equation, is a nonlinear partial differential equation that describes the capillary pressure difference sustained across the interface between two static fluids, such as water and air, due to the phenomenon of surface tension or wall tension, although usage on the latter is only applicable if assuming that the wall is very thin. The Young –Laplace equation relates the pressure difference to the shape of the surface or wall. If the pressure on one side of the surface differs from pressure on the other side, the pressure difference times surface area results in a normal force. In order for the surface tension forces to cancel the force due to pressure, the surface must be curved

Related formulas


ΔpPressure difference (Pa)
γSurface tension (N/m)
RxRadius of curvature across x axis (m)
RyRadius of curvature across y axis (m)