Wind turbine yaw error


All wind turbines operate with a yaw error. In this case an extreme yaw error of 30 degrees is assumed. The flapwise blade root bending moment due to that error is computed by the equation.

Related formulas


MyBBending moment due to yaw error (flap-wise) (N*m)
pAir density (usually assumed as 1.225kg/m^3) (kg/m3)
AprojBComponent (rotor) area projected on a plane perpendicular or parallel to the wind direction (m2)
ClmaxMax. lift coefficient. If not other data are available, this variable should be set to 2 (dimensionless)
RRotor radius (m)
ωnDesignDesign rotor speed (radian/sec)
TSRTip speed ratio (TSR=Lambda) (dimensionless)