Static balance


Rotating unbalance is the uneven distribution of mass around an axis of rotation. A rotating mass, or rotor, is said to be out of balance when its center of mass (inertia axis) is out of alignment with the center of rotation (geometric axis). Unbalance causes a moment which gives the rotor a wobbling movement characteristic of vibration of rotating structures.

A static balance (sometimes called a force balance) occurs when the inertial axis of a rotating mass is displaced from and parallel to the axis of rotation. Static unbalances can occur more frequently in disk-shaped rotors because the thin geometric profile of the disk allows for an uneven distribution of mass with an inertial axis that is nearly parallel to the axis of rotation. Only one plane receives balance correction.

Related formulas


Ubalance (kg*m)
mmass (kg)
rdistance beteween unbalance and the centre of the object (m)