Specific airway resistance measured at FRC


In respiratory physiology, airway resistance is the resistance of the respiratory tract to airflow during inspiration and expiration . Specific airway resistance also called volumic airway resistance. Due to the elastic nature of the tissue that supports the small airways airway resistance changes with lung volume. It is not practically possible to measure airway resistance at a set absolute lung volume, therefore specific airway resistance attempts to correct for differences in lung volume at which different measurements of airway resistance were made.
Specific airway resistance is often measured at Functional residual capacity (FRC): the volume in the lungs at the end-expiratory position.

Related formulas


sRAWSpecific airway resistance (Pa)
RAWAirway Resistance (Pa/ml)
FRCFunctional residual capacity: : the volume in the lungs at the end-expiratory position (ml)