S-wave Velocity


A type of elastic wave, the S-wave, secondary wave, or shear wave (sometimes called an elastic S-wave) is one of the two main types of elastic body waves, so named because they move through the body of an object, unlike surface waves.

The S-wave moves as a shear or transverse wave, so motion is perpendicular to the direction of wave propagation. The wave moves through elastic media, and the main restoring force comes from shear effects.
In a solid, there is a non-zero stiffness both for volumetric and shear deformations. Hence, it is possible to generate sound waves with different velocities dependent on the deformation mode. Sound waves generating shear deformations are called shear waves. In earthquakes, the corresponding seismic waves are called S-waves.

Related formulas


vss-wave cvlocity (m/s)
Gshear modulus of the elastic material (pascal)
ρdensity (kg/m3)