Orthodiagonal quadrilateral ( circumradii of the four triangles)


A quadrilateral is a polygon with four sides (or edges) and four vertices or corners. An orthodiagonal quadrilateral is a quadrilateral in which the diagonals cross at right angles. In other words, it is a four-sided figure in which the line segments between non-adjacent vertices are orthogonal to each other. For any orthodiagonal quadrilateral (ABCD), there is a relation between the circumradii of the four triangles formed by the diagonal intersection P and the vertices of the convex quadrilateral.

Related formulas


R1The circumradius of one of the triangles(APB) (m)
R3The circumradius of one of the triangles(DPA)) (m)
R2The circumradius of one of the triangles(CPB)) (m)
R4The circumradius of one of the triangles(DPA) (m)