Nose cone Spherically blunted tangent ogive( Y- coordinate of the tangency point )


The nose cone section of any vehicle or body meant to travel through a compressible fluid medium (such as a rocket or aircraft, missile or bullet) is designed in several geometrical shapes for optimum performance. The tangent ogive shape nose-cap is the most familiar in hobby rocketry. The profile of this shape is formed by a segment of a circle such that the rocket body is tangent to the curve of the nose cone at its base and the base is on the radius of the circle. The tangent ogive nose is often blunted by capping it with a segment of a sphere and the Y- coordinate of the tangency point where the sphere meets the tangent ogive can be calculated by the ogive radius, the radius of the sphere and the base radius of the nose cone.

Related formulas


yt Y- coordinate of the tangency point (m)
rnRadius of the sphere (m)
ρOgive radius (m)
RBase radius of the nose cone (m)