Minimum or maximum value of the quadratic function


A quadratic function, a quadratic polynomial, a polynomial of degree 2, or simply a quadratic, is a polynomial function in one or more variables in which the highest-degree term is of the second degree. A univariate (single-variable) quadratic function has the form: f(x)=ax2+bx+c . The graph of the quadratic function f(x)=ax2+bx+c is a parabola. The vertex of a parabola is the place where it turns; hence, it is also called the turning point. Using calculus, the vertex point, being a maximum or minimum of the function, can be obtained by the coefficients of the function.

Related formulas


fxaximum or minimum of the quadratic function (dimensionless)
aThe quadratic coefficient (dimensionless)
bThe linear coefficient (dimensionless)
cThe free term (coefficient) (dimensionless)