Magnification of the lens


Converging lens in air will focus a collimated beam travelling along the lens axis to a spot (known as the focal point) at a distance “f” from the lens. Conversely, a point source of light placed at the focal point will be converted into a collimated beam by the lens. These two cases are examples of image formation in lenses.
If the distances from the object to the lens is less than f, and the distance from the lens to the image is negative then the image becomes virtual image.
A magnifying glass creates this kind of image.
The magnification of the lens is related to the length of the focus of the lens.If Magnification factor is positive the image is upright.

Related formulas


MThe magnification factor(if |M|>1, the image is larger than the object. ) (dimensionless)
fFocal length (m)
S1Distance from the object to the lens (m)