Gauckler–Manning–Strickler formula


The Manning formula is also known as the Gauckler–Manning formula, or Gauckler–Manning–Strickler formula in Europe. In the United States, in practice, it is very frequently called simply Manning’s Equation. The Manning formula is an empirical formula estimating the average velocity of a liquid flowing in a conduit that does not completely enclose the liquid, i.e., open channel flow. All flow in so-called open channels is driven by gravity.

Related formulas


VThe cross-sectional average velocity (m/s) (dimensionless)
kConversion factor (1 for SI units system ) (in s^-1*m^1/3) (dimensionless)
RhHydraulic radius (in m) (dimensionless)
SThe linear hydraulic head loss ( the same as the channel bed slope when the water depth is constant) (dimensionless)
nGauckler–Manning coefficient (ins*m^-1/3) (dimensionless)