Gas in a box (momentum)


The particle in a box model describes a particle free to move in a small space surrounded by impenetrable barriers. the results of the quantum particle in a box can be used to look at the equilibrium situation for a quantum ideal gas in a box which is a box containing a large number of molecules which do not interact with each other except for instantaneous thermalizing collisions. For both massive and massless particles in a box, the states of a particle are enumerated by a set of quantum numbers [nx, ny, nz = (1,2,3,...)]. The magnitude of the momentum is depended on the length of a side of the box. (Each possible state of a particle can be thought of as a point on a 3-dimensional grid of positive integers. )

Related formulas


pMomentum (kg*m/s)
hPlanck constant
LThe length of a side of the box (m)
nxpositive integer (dimensionless)
nypositive integer (dimensionless)
nzpositive integer (dimensionless)