Fractional shortening


Fractional shortening is the fraction of any diastolic dimension that is lost in systole. When referring to endocardial luminal distances, it is EDD minus ESD divided by EDD (times 100 when measured in percentage). End-diastolic dimension is the diameter across a ventricle at the end of diastole and End-systolic dimension is similar to the end-diastolic dimension, but is measured at the end of systole (after the ventricles have pumped out blood). Normal values may differ somewhat dependent on which anatomical plane is used to measure the distances. Normal range is 25-45%, Mild is 20-25%, Moderate is 15-20%, and Severe is <15%.

Related formulas


FS%Fractional shortening (dimensionless)
EDDEnd-diastolic dimension (mm)
ESDEnd-systolic dimension (mm)