Distance between two points (three-space)


Distance is a numerical description of how far apart objects are. In analytic geometry, the distance between two points of the xyz-plane in three-space, can be found using the distance formula.
(Choosing a Cartesian coordinate system for a three-dimensional space means choosing an ordered triplet of lines (axes) that are pair-wise perpendicular, have a single unit of length for all three axes and have an orientation for each axis. The coordinates of a point P are obtained by drawing a line through P perpendicular to each coordinate axis, and reading the points where these lines meet the axes as three numbers of these number lines.)

Related formulas


ddistance between point 1 and 2 (m)
x2(cartesian) x-coordinate of point 2 (m)
x1(cartesian) x-coordinate of point 1 (m)
y2(cartesian) y-coordinate of point 2 (m)
y1(cartesian) y-coordinate of point 1 (m)
z2(cartesian) z-coordinate of point 2 (m)
z1(cartesian) z-coordinate of point 1 (m)