Concentric tube heat exchanger - Required length


Concentric Tube (or Pipe) Heat Exchangers are used in a variety of industries for purposes such as material processing, food preparation, and air-conditioning. They create a temperature driving force by passing fluid streams of different temperatures parallel to each other, separated by a physical boundary in the form of a pipe. This induces forced convection, transferring heat to/from the product.

The length of heat exchanger required can then be expressed as a function of the rate of heat transfer as on the shown formula

The Logarithmic Mean Temperature Difference (ΔT) can be calculated from this formula

Related formulas


Asurface area available for heat transfer (m2)
Qrate of heat transfer (W)
UOverall Heat Transfer coefficient (W/(m2*K))
ΔTLogarithmic Mean Temperature Difference (K)