Coefficient Cw(T,P) - used in UNESCO equation


The coefficient Cw (used in the UNESCO equation, speed of sound in sea water), depends on the temperature and the pressure

Related formulas


CWCoefficient Cw - UNESCO equation (dimensionless)
C0Coefficient C00
C1Coefficient C01
TTemperature - UNESCO equation (degrees) (dimensionless)
C2Coefficient C02
C3Coefficient C03
C4Coefficient C04
C5Coefficient C05
C10Coefficient C10
C11Coefficient C11
C12Coefficient C12
C13Coefficient C13
C14Coefficient C14
PPressure UNESCO equation (bar) (dimensionless)
C20Coefficient C20
C21Coefficient C21
C22Coefficient C22
C23Coefficient C23
C24Coefficient C24
C30Coefficient C30
C31Coefficient C31
C32Coefficient C32