Blade root bending moment load due to yaw


The blade root bending moment due to the wind turbine yaw operation. The yaw rate can be calculated for passive yaw, or is defined by the design for active yaw.

Related formulas


MyBBlade root bending moment due to yaw (N*m)
mBBlade mass (kg)
ωyawYaw rate (radian/sec)
LrootDistance between rotor center and yaw axis (m)
RcogRadial distance between the CoG of a blade and the rotor center (m)
IBMass moment of inertia of the blade about the blade root flap axis (kg*m2)
ωnNominal rotor rotational speed (radian/sec)
RRotor radius (m)
ΔxshaftPeak to peak fatigue shaft load (N)