Area between a parabola and a chord


Parabola is a two-dimensional, mirror-symmetrical curve, which is approximately U-shaped. The area enclosed between a parabola and a chord is two-thirds of the area of a parallelogram which surrounds it. One side of the parallelogram is the chord, and the opposite side is a tangent to the parabola.The slope of the other parallel sides is irrelevant to the area. If the chord has length b, and is perpendicular to the parabola’s axis of symmetry, and if the perpendicular distance from the parabola’s vertex to the chord is h, the parallelogram is a rectangle, with sides of b and h.

Related formulas


AArea between the parabola and the chord (m2)
bThe chord perpendicular to the parabola's axis of symmetry (m)
hThe distance from the parabola's vertex to the chord (m)