Amagat's law


Amagat’s law or the Law of Partial Volumes of 1880 describes the behaviour and properties of mixtures of ideal (as well as some cases of non-ideal) gases.

This is the experimental expression of volume as an extensive quantity. It is named after Emile Amagat. According to Amagat’s law of partial volume, the total volume of a non-reacting mixture of gases at constant temperature and pressure should be equal to the sum of the individual partial volumes of the constituent gases. Both Amagat’s and Dalton’s Laws predict the properties of gas mixtures. Their predictions are the same for ideal gases. However, for real (non-ideal) gases, the results differ.

Related formulas


VEextensive volume (dimensionless)
KK component (dimensionless)
nn=i, increasing sum number (dimensionless)
NiAvogadro's number (dimensionless)
vilocal volume (dimensionless)