's' parameter for the Critical Hall parameter


The electrothermal instability (also known as the ionization instability) is a magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) instability appearing in magnetized non-thermal plasmas used in MHD converters. This instability is a turbulence of the electron gas in a non-equilibrium plasma (i.e. where the electron temperature Te is greatly higher than the overall gas temperature Tg). It arises when a magnetic field powerful enough is applied in such a plasma, reaching a critical Hall parameter βcr.

This formula calculates the 's’ parameter of the Critical Hall parameter.

Use this formula in combination with the other available “Critical Hall parameter” formulas.

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s's' parameter (see : "Critical Hall parameter" formulas) (dimensionless)
kBoltzmann constant
TeThe electron temperature (K)
EiThe ionization energy (1.609e-19 J) (J)
TgThe overall gas temperature (K)